Thursday, September 8, 2016



During the early morning of September 11 the British army was at Kennett Square , marched

east and divided , a fourth of the army marched toward Chadd;s Ford and resulted in the scrimmages at

Longwood and Hammerton. When noon time came all of the Americans had been driven to the east

side of the Brandywine.
Up to this time General Washington was sure he had the entire British in front of him but soon

found that the bulk of the British were behind him. The divisions of Sterling, Sullivan and Stevens

were sent towards the Birminghan Meeting House and there became involved in the hottest fighting on

Battle Hill which is just south of the Birmingham Meeting House.
From there the Americans retreated to another knoll where General LaFayette fell with wounds.
Washington ordered up his reserves under General Greens who held the British in check for over an

hour before the American were chased off the battlefield and after dark marched towards Chester. The

British remained encamped here at Brandywine for three to four days.

Sanderson in the Wilmington Morning News , Saturday September 27, 1930

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