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FEBURARY 18, 1898

A banquet on Friday, February 18th last, given at the Virden Hotel in Lewes, to celebrate the completion, after two and a half years, of the Queen Anne's Railroad, was a most enjoyable event with an elaborate menu served.
There were no set toast but members of The Board of Trade of Lewes took occasion to felicitate the promoters of the road on its completion and to congratulate the people of the Eastern Shore upon the fact they at last have direct communication with the Baltimore metropolis of Maryland, a natural market for their farms and orchards and the logical base of supplies for merchandise and supplies for the farmers and merchants who are convenient to the railroad.
Among the speakers were Delaware Congressman L. Irving Handy, Dr. W. J. Hearn of Philadelphia and Dr. H. R. Burton of Lewes. Responses were made by William h. Bosley, president of the road, Archibald Taylor and Bartlett Johnson and others. Lewes Mayor and President of the Lewes Board of Trade, Alfred Burton, presided and also made an address. The guest of honor came to Lewes on a special train from Queenstown, Maryland . They had left Baltimore at 3 pm on the Chesapeake Bay steamer , B. S. Ford . In this party were Bosley, Johnson, Baker, Taylor, Frank Ehlen, Francis Burns, Dr. Tilghman, Phillip Cannon, Henry Lewis, , I. W. Troxel, Wilmer Emory, H. P. Cannon and E. H. Maull. Joinng this group at Queenstown were Edwin Brown, Scott Roberts and Dr. Conklin of Centerville and at Ellendale L L. Layton and Joe Truxton boarded the train .
The railroad company has future plans to build a Lewes pier to connect by steamer to Cape May, New Jersey and also intend to continue by a spur to Rehoboth Beach.
Also recognized by the chairman for the services he rendered was Mr. Wilmer Emory who had worked unceasingly for the railroad from start to finish and three cheers from the many people present clearly showed great appreciation given him.

Source: February 27. 1898 issue, Denton Journal of Denton, Marlyand.

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