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JANUARY 8 1941


85 years of life in the same town is the cherished record of James Beebe, father of the Beebe Boys, now doctors at the hospital that holds their name.

Born in Lewes, January 8, 1856, in a small frame house on Ship Carpenter Street, son of James Collins Beebe, descendents of an old Delaware family. His grandfather, Richard Beebe, a Delaware Bay & River pilot, served as a soldier in the War of 1812. His great grandfather, Ichabod, was a prisoner of war of the British during the American Revolution, and after an escape , became a pilot who was lost at sea during a gale off Cape Henlopen.

Mr. Beebe was a brick layer, owned a sand block plant on Chestnut Street in Lewes and had a hand in the building of the early Beebe Hospital structure on South Street in Lewes. In 1901 until 1921 he had the ice cream store at Rehoboth Methodist Camp Meeting. On the site where the hospital now stands in Lewes, he had a grocery and confectionery store.

During the administration of President Grover Cleveland, he and his brother, Clarence, operated the Lewes Post Office, he being assistant postmaster for five years. After this he turned to real estate activities, helped build several housing developments and was owner proprietor of the Ocean House, a hotel, facing the Delaware Breakwater.

Beside his two doctor sons he has two daughters, Mrs Herbert Orton, mother of pilot Herbert Orton, and, Miss Anna Beebe, teacher at Lewes Special School.

Wilmington News Journal , Wednesday , January 8, 1941, By Virginia F. Cullen.

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