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Thursday , March 17th 1927, afternoon, in Lewes, the new Natalie Townsend Shaw addition to the Beebe Hospital , recently completed was dedicated with an elaborate program of speakers from around the surrounding area. .

The addition donated by Benjamin F. and Helen F. Shaw in memory of their deceased daughter,
Natalie Townsend Shaw, was built at a cost of $40.000. It is two floors, with a basement, 70 foot long and 30 foot wide, which doubled the capacity of the hospital to 60 beds.

The dedicatory ceremonies began with Rev. Milton S. Andrews, pastor of the Lewes Methodist Episcopal Church delivering the invocation, followed by Rev. Disston W. Jacobs of Milford who gave the dedication address, representing Mr. and Mrs. Shaw. Other speakers were Dr. P. Brooke Bland, professor of obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College and the consulting staff, Dr. Ross V. Patterson, dean of Jefferson Medical College, Wilmington Mayor George W. K. Forrest and the Rev. Mr. Leishman of Lewes Presbyterian Church who gave the benediction.

The Beebe Hospital had been dedicated in 1916 by brothers, R. C. Beebe and Dr. James Beebe, and consisted of two rooms and an operating room. During the World War I, activities came to a virtual halt for the hospital since Dr. James Beebe was serving in France with Pennsylvania Base Hospital #10.

In 1919, after the war, it was decided to enlarge the hospital to accommodate ten patients which was done through the efforts of William R. Messick of Lewes and Benjamin Shaw. $25,000 was spent on improvements, the wood frame section was done away with and a fire proof concrete block structure was erected by duPont Engineering Company, completed in 1921. The hospital was well patronized.

In 1921 a nurse's home was built across the street together with a nurse training school for 12 students, 5 graduate instructors and the superintendent.

The latest addition is modern construction with modern equipment, contracted for by Ralph
Poynter of Rehoboth, the architect being Clarence Hope.

A memorial tablet is located in the hall of the addition to the daughter of the Shaws' who died at age 21 several years ago.

Hospital trustees are Benjamin F Shaw, W. Miller Shaw, Townsend W. Miller, Dr. James Beebe and Dr. R. C. Beebe. Members of a newly organized advisory board, to keep he hospital in close touch with the community are, Joseph Marshall, Thomas Ingram, John Thompson, C. C. Marshall and Harry Lyons.

Wilmington News Journal , Wednesday, March 16, 1927.

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