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100 Years:
March 20, 1917: For Sale : Beautiful Desirable Country Home, four miles from Lewes, one mile from two rail stations, twenty acres of fine land, good fruit trees, improved with ten room cement block house. Price $3000. W. E, Veasey , Havre de Grace, Maryland

The mother of John Rowland, Deleware Bay & River Pilot, Mrs. Susan Rowland, was seriously burned his morning as a can of stove polish exploded in her kitchen. She is an aged woman and lives alone.

80 Years:
March 20, 1937: The U. S. District Engineer of Philadelphia. Lt/ Col. John H. C. Lee, reports that dredging of the Broadkill River to the inland waterway between Rehoboth Bay and Delaware Bay, is 60% complete.

70 Years:
March 19, 1947: President of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, Alton Brittingham, has appointed a committee to actively promote Lewes on Delaware Bay, one mile from Cape Henlopen, to attract tourist and vacation attraction.

RED STAR BUS LINE; Lewes to Rehoboth Beach schedule – 9:46 am; 1:48 pm; 6:06 pm.
To Salisbury, Maryland – 8:46 am; 11:46 am; 1:48 pm; 6:06 pm. 8L04 pm.

60 Years:
March 20, 1957: Mrs Helen Bryan of Lewes, received recognition from Lammot duPont , Delaware Red Cross, for her service in the Salk Polio Vaccine clinic.

Elder Lewes natives were sadden to here that Capt. Eugene T. Osborn, of Long Island, retired U.S. Coast Guard, had passed. He was commandant of the 6th District at Lewes in the 1920's.

50 Years:
March 20, 1967:
Clearwater, Florida: Chris Short won 20 games for the Phillies last year, is pitching in the Grapefruit League.

Lewes: Two Coast Guardsmen, Boatswain's Mate First Class, Robert Bullock and Fireman Apprentice, Joseph Lisco, spend two weeks at a stretch on the Harbor of Refuge Light Station off Cape Henlopen. They both say they like the duty . Life in the round, their nearest company are the ships that pass in the night. .

40 Years:
March 20, 1977 Wanted: Sewing machine mechanic, with experience on safety switch, overlock machine and single needle or blind stitch machine. Dressco, Inc., Lewes.

30 Years:
March 20, 1987:
Two eastern Sussex county environmental organizations have asked assistance of the Chancery Court to bar development of a 259 lot community near Cape Henlopen State Park. “Bays Are Yours” and “Cape Association for Protection of Environment” charge that the Glade's Community will damage wetlands, vital to fish, shellfish, wildlife and recreation. This development is to be situated on the west side of the Lewes- Rehoboth Canal, opposite Henlopen Acres.

Born to Carrie and Samuel Warrington on March 18th, a daughter, in the Beebe Hospital.

20 Years:
March 20, 1997:
Lewes, Delaware – Katherine Harker, of Lewes was searching for four-leaf clover seed and somehow got connected to a “four leaf clover” grower in St. Petersburg, Florida. Things get a bit sketchy here, but in 1952 there was a story about this in the Wilmington Morning News by Nancy Wingate. The 4-Leaf clover company had changes ownership but Harker found them and talked to the owners wife, 'a delightful lady” and found there are no four leaft clover seed, the 'clover Creations' propagate from existing plants. Katherine has decided to make do with the the leaf clovers and will be able to get seed for Trifolim Repens L, aka, white clover.

Abstract of Wilmington, Delaware newspaper articles, dated March 20, 1997 thru 1917.

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