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A small bottle of Pacific Ocean water was dumped into the Atlantic Ocean at Rehoboth Beach, Monday, July 26, 1971 by a member of the Wandering Wheels. The water came by Schwinn Super Sport and took exactly five weeks. This was the fifth visit of the Wandering Wheels to Rehoboth in the past seven years, the riders ranging in age from 15 to 18 years. The ride, 3200 miles, began at Huntington Beach, California.

Wandering Wheels is a Christian program of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, started as a means to relating rugged physical discipline to spiritual growth .

Bob Diller, teacher in Cocoa Beach, Florida and Ross Shenot, graduate student at Taylor University, were the co-coordinators. The 48 riders are from 26 states.

Everything went well of the trip which began June 21. One bike was lost in an accident but another replacement was furnished, built from spare parts, by the traveling mechanic.

Most of the trip was made on U. S. routes 66 and 50, somewhat off main thoroughfares. The high school riders made 90 mile per day, ate meals from the “supply truck' and slept whereever, in the woods, camp grounds and YMCA's.

The cyclist who carried the Pacific Ocean water was Pat Black of San Francisco.

Source: Wilmington News Journal, 27 July 1971, Sussex Bureau by Ron Williams.

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