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APRIL 15 1699

April 15, 1699, the first members of the Conwell family, Yeates and Rebecca Fisher, arrived in America, sailing into the Delaware Bay and anchoring their vessel at Reedy Island.

They settled in Broadkiln Neck and in 1705 acquired one thousand acres from Rebecca's father, William Fisher.
Yeates and Rebecca had four children , William, John, Elias and Hannah who all married.
William died young leaving two children. John was married twice, leaving three children from each wife. John is an ancestor of the late Joseph Conwell of Drawbridge, Jane Robins, late of Broadkiln Neck, and the late William A, Conwell , father of David M. Conwell and Mrs D. A. Wiltbak of Milton.

The third son, Elias, is the ancestor of Mr. John T. Conwell of Broadkiln Neck and Mr. Asa Conwell of this Milton.

Hannah, the only daughter, married Abraham Gum.

About two hundred descendents of Yeates and Rebecca can now be traced, many who live in Delaware, but the majority live in other states, several out west.

Considerable portions of what is now North Milton, at one time belonged to the Conwell family. The frist mill of Milton was built by a Conwell with business partner by name of Coulter.
The Milton property named above was owned by DR. John Spencer, his daughter , Unice, becoming the wife of George Conwell a brother of Asa F. Conwell's grandfather, born May 1st, 1747.

Records are scarce telling frm what part of England or Ireland the Conwells came. A mention of William, Yeates grandfather, gives a birth date of 1615 at Essex, England.

It is probable that the family originally came from Sweden and were connected with the Swedes who first settled Delaware.

The Conwell name is rather rare in the United States but wherever found represents integrity,
industry, character and good citizenship.

Source: Milton Times, April 15, 1809, Milton, Sussex County, Delaware. /
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