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1815 – 1889

Visitors to Rehoboth City in the 1880's were likely to ask if anyone has seen Captain Tredenick today. His habitation, said to be the oldest at Rehoboth, is a quarter mile or so, north of
The Douglas House and early days had seen the likes of former Presidents, members of the Cabinet, and others of high official positions.
Of late however, the erection of more modern and more commodious structures in the neighborhood has diverted most of this patronage to other quarters. The Captains abode still has a fair share of the seaside visitors.
Captain Tredenick, the character, he is now 70 years of age, but seems to be still in possission of all the vivacity of young manhood. His frail figure belies the fact that he, as a man of the day, was the very embodiment of heros. His courage is of a kind that is rare and noble. Twenty some year ago, Lancaster county Pennsylvania was visited by an epidemic of cholera, doing away with two hundred and thirty citizens, and three quarters population fled. Tredenick stayed, rendered assistance, found food, medications, dug graves, etc. This earned him a title of “Old Mortality”.
Tredenrick's Water Cure, another fame befallen Rehoboth, caused Captain to become Doctor, as he found the art of administering the pre-eminrntly medicinal waters of Rehoboth in doses to perfection. Rehoboth now a reformatory institution of success due to his wise and humane policy.
Lewis Tredenick was born 1815 in Marietta, Lancaster county Pennsylvania, his first business venture was a hat manufacturer in Mount joy Pennsylvania, Port Elizabeth and Millville, New Jersey.
Later he was captain of the steamer “Cohansey” which ran between Lewes and Philadelphia. He first visited Rehoboth grounds in 1857 and was taken with the beauty of the beach and surrounding pines that he made his mind up to have a future home there. April 1872, he pitched a tent on the spot where his Rehoboth City Hotel now stands.
Lewis Trednenick married a Delaware born girl, Sarah Ann Buckmaster, his age, in Philadelphia on the 9th of January, 1839. They has a son John, born in Delaware 1842, a daughter,
Annie Herr , born New Jersey 1845, a son William born Pennsylvania 1849 and another daughter, Sarah Emma, born Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 20 July , 1852. Lewis died 26 April 1889 at Lewes, Delaware.

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