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Lewes Native Louis McLean Hickman, of California

MAY 17 1910

In Sausalito California , May 7, 1910, Louis M. Hickman, native of Lewes, Delaware,
age 77, husband of Mary Hickman, Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend
funeral services Monday May 8, 1910, at 2 pm, at his late residence.

Louis McLean, “LM”, Hickman was born 23 July 1832 in Lewes, Sussex county, Delaware,
to George and Mary Wolfe Marriner Hickman. Jr. died in 1882 in Califoria. 1834 Louis had a brother, Charles Carroll Hickman, born on the 18th of October. 1836, a sister, Emmah L, was born 3 October, 31st Jauuary, 1840 a brother, Napoleon was born. It looks like this brother became a doctor. February 2, 1842 he lost a sister , Sarah, who was born in 1820. In May of 1842 another sister, Albertine was born on 8th on May in Lewes.

LM Hickman was resident of Lewestown, Sussex county, Delaware in 1950. His father, George, died in 1851, on August 7th in Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas.

Louis attended LaFayette college, 1847, in Easton, Pennsylvania, graduated the College of New Jersey in 1852.

Sometime before 1862 Hickman had married Mary Dallas, born 1836, died 1930, close to a hundred years of age.

His first child, a son, Louis McLean, Jr., was born in San Joaquin, Stockton county, California,
and lived to be only 20 year old. A daughter Mary Lavinda , they called her “Macie”, was born about 1865. In the year 1867, his residence was San Joaquin , California. At age 38, 1870, the family had moved to Stockton, and in 1871 another daughter Lyall was born as probably a twin , Lide Hayes Hickman. These girls lived to 1890 and died in California.

The 13 January, 1880, Louis' mother died in Lewes on January 13. 1886, a brother Nathaniel, born 1816, died also in Lewes. 1889 in Lewes his brother, Harbeson Hickman, died. He had owned large land holdings in Sussex county. A sister, Mary Caroline, born 1825, died 1891 in Lewes.
The daughter “Macie” died November 6, 1892, in Oakland, California.

At age 68, 1900, Louis McLean Hickman was a resident of Turlock, California. This year he lost another brother, Handy Peter Hickman, born 1822, who was resident of Pamlico, North Carolina.

In 1909 and 1910 a brother and a sister, Edward and Emma, died in California. Louis was living in Sausalito and died in Stockton, at age 75, the 7th of May 1910 . Pouis McLean Hickman is buried in Stockton Rural Cemeter, San Joaquin County, California in a mausoleum built by himn, several years age, in which are lain the remains of his four children. The funeral service was held in the Hickman Memorial Presbyterian church of Sausalito, by the Rev. Mr. Fruhling.

      1. M. Hickman, was a wholesale and retail dealer in hardware, cutlery, guns, and gun trimmings, stoves, sheet iron, tin, brass and copper ware located on Main Street, between El Dorada and Hunter, Stockton, California.

Source: San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, Monday May 9, 1910
and . Abstract: Harrison Howeth 2017

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