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Red Star bus line was organized Delmarva by local business men of Delaware and Maryland.
In the early 1930's, when highway buses were replacing the transportation need of the railroad and steamships.
Most roads were single lane in those days and it was a winding trip to most cities and the ocean resorts. The first buses looked more like enlongated automobiles than do today's monsters.
World War Two caused more travel and helped Red Star to become valuable property. The after the war increased production of the automobile , bus travel became burdened just like the railroads and steamships.
In time Red Star merged with Carolina Trailways which allow bus travel it to live another decade or so, but as we all know, the family car took over the roads to the ocean resorts of Delmarva.
The last full time, repeat full time, bus depot in Rehoboth, appears to have been Snyder's Soda & Ice Cream, newspaper store, on Rehoboth Avenue.

Abstract: Salisbury Daily Times, July 4, 1976, Harrison 2017.

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