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11 AUGUST 1900

The steamer Massapekus has commenced its run to Drawbridge, an one hour trip, to connect with the steamer Pokanoket for Arch Street wharf , Philadelphia, on Wednesday and Saturday, the time regulated by the tides. The return trip will be on Monday and Thursday. Fare is $1.25 or round trip $2.00.
Milton peaches are late ripening and shipment has been light this week. Today the best quality peaches are selling at 60 cent a basket.

The tug boat Suparta came in Milton Friday with two vessels in tow and is still at the dock.

The colored camp meeting at Hazzards Woods near town began service Saturday night and Sunday there were many persons attending, except not as many white people came as usual.

Zoar camp meeting opened Friday and he meeting at Gravelly Hill will begin August the 25
and will be under supervision of Rev. Nehemiah Bennum and Rev. A. J. Perry.

The Rev. W. W. W. Wilson of Danbury, Connecticut , and his family, arrived in town Tuesday to visit his brother, Sam J. Wilson and family.

The new steamer Messapequa will make an excursion to Broadkill Beach on Thursday.
The proprietor of the Hart House , Luke Clendaniel, will run a bus to Zoar Camp next
Sunday and any other day if there are a bus load who wish to go.

Whenever, six or more, Sea Captains of Milton happen to meet in town after a n lengthy
absence it is interesting to see them congregate and relate their experiences.

Cutting and delivery of pilling continues to be one of the Milton industries. The schooner
Golden Rule, of Captain Skull, newly repaired and loaded with pilling, filled with water and sank and is being unloaded.

The schooner John A. Lingo is loading canned peas for Philadelphia/ Robinson's cannery is canning corn.

The Douglas & White Shirt Factory , closed the past two weeks because of hot weather and the camp meetings, will reopen for operations Monday.

Shipping of 'clay' is a new industry around Milton, the farm lands of upper Broadkill River
abound with clay of a superior type being sold in northern markets. The schooner Fannie, Captain
Reed, is now loading at Blacks Landing this clay for Bridesburg, Pennsylvania.

Source: Wilmington Evening News, 14 August, 1900

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