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The Rehoboth Youth Center had reopened under new management of Jack B. Jeglum
and will operate with new rules which are to encourage a high type of behavior. There is a
membership fee.

Jack Jeglum was recently discharged from the Navy, both he and his wife have experience in New York theatrical circles

One rule, for instance, to discourage laziness and forgetfulness , will be that if a boy or girl
leaves anything of theirs overnight, that item goes into a “Lucky Bag” and to redeem the item, the owner must 'work' around the club house for an hour at a task assigned by the director.

Smoking is not allowed, no noise nor dancing near the “quite room” where members can gather to study in groups of twelve. There is a “police patrol” of members, both boys and girls, to help enforce rules and regulations, two on duty each day. Also there is to be no gambling nor
alcohol drinking at any time.

Adult control of the center will be by town commissioners, headed by Charles Mills, and the youth will have a 'government' of their own headed by Kennith Lingo, president , James Travis, Jr., VP, Evelyn Warrington , secretary, Louise Massey, treasurer, cabinet members, Dale Wilhelm, Dixie Nance, William Haddeus, Betty Polite, Reds Lemaire, and Willard Hill.

Activities are to be a Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Dance Club, Journalism Club, Camera
Club and Glamour Club. Mrs John Lingo will play the piano for the Glee Club, and the Journalism
Club will publish a center newspaper, There are to be ping pong tournaments in the basement game room which is fitted with various types of of sports equipment. The basement also has a bowling alley

The club is open in the summer from 9 am to midnight, in winter it opens after school lets out until 10 pm and has a modern soda fountain and snack bar. It fives the Rehoboth youth a place to call their own. 1946 award winners are member William Andrews, Kenney Lingo, Bev Startt, Janet Vansant, June Gruber, Evelyn Warrington, Louise Massey, Sigrid Dick and Betty Polite.
Robert Wilhelm won the ping pong trophy .

This building was once a storage building, rehabilitated into the U.S.O. of the resort town for military men of Fort Miles at Cape Henlopen and other service post during WWII. It was abandoned after the war. As the U.S.O. It was under the direction of the Salvation Army and it's director was Captain William “Dick” Hough.

Operating cost of near $4000 a year are being solicited from the community and the city.

Source: Wilmington Morning News, December 1945 & September 1946. Harrison H abstract 2017.

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