Monday, July 17, 2017




The local Reboboth Beach Chamber of Commerce thinks “whisky beach' is too strong a name for the suddenly famous strip of sand just north of Rehoboth Beach proper . The beach has been in the national news recently because Lynda Bird Johnson and her fiance, Marine Captain Charles Robb make visits there on weekends, including her latest visit during the Labor Day weekend.

Mrs. Mae Hall McCabe, local real estate broker and president of the Rehoboth Beach Chamber
of Commerce, says Whisky Beach is one of the more beautiful areas of the Delaware beaches, and
should not be 'degraded' by the name that has been given it by many people, including, her ward,
local drummer boy, Bill McCabe.

The Delaware State Park Commission says the official name is “Gordon's Pond Beach” but Whisky Beach is what the public prefers to call it.

No matter what its called, the drinking is likely to continue and a ban on drinking has been rescinded on state owned parkland because its is realized it cannot be enforced.

Abstract from Washington Evening Star, of D. C., Wednesday, September 13, 1967, Harrison H , July 17, 2017.

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