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Many people and officials attended the hearing yesterday by Colonel Earl Brown, the

U. S. Engineer of Wilmington District and Captain Harry Tunis , U. S. Engineer, to hear probable

commercial benefits and the extent of local co-operation it the reopening project of Sinepuxent Inlet

which will allow salt seawater to enter the bay , to revive the sea food business of the area.

Efforts are being made by Maryland's Legislature to reopen the inlet and appropriate funds to go

with U. S. Government funds which will pay 2/3 of the cost. .

Mayor McCabe of Ocean City was also present and told of the sea food industry's loss as result

of the inlet closing and the importance of restoring the fish, oysters, crabs and clams to the Sinepuxent

bay waters.

It appears there is considerable interest in the project and Col. Brown's survey is to be

completed by the first of the year, submitted to the War Department for final approval.

Source: Wilmington News Journal , Wilmington, Del., 17 December 1931.

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