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1826 – 1908

Elihu J. Morris, Lewes, Delaware, son of William Burton and Marie Marvel Morris, was
born in Indian River Hundred , Sussex County, Delaware , 14 May 1826.
His grandfather, Jacob, was born in Dagsborough Hundred, Sussex County, after 1700. He married and had two children, William Burton and Purden.

William Burton Morris born in Dagsborough Hundred 1 April 1794, received a good education
locally, and was a farmer for the next 50 years, and acquired during that period of time, the carpentry trade.

In 1840 he left the farm and came to Lewes to find employment in carpentry, at which he was skilful and gained success.

He had been soldier during the War of 1812, a democrat and a member of the temperance movement.

On October 18 1821 he married Maria Marvel, born 15 May 1801, daughter of Captain Philip Marvel of Dagsborough Hundred. They had children, six of them, Mary E., married Greensbury Lynch, born 1822, Elihu J. , born June 6, 1824, died June 11, 1825, Elihu J., born 14 May 1826, was third child, Jacob born 21 March 1828, died 13 December 1855, Sarah B. , married James Lewis, born April 29 1831, Elizabeth P, married John Marshall, born 1833.

Maria Morris died 8 September 1837. In 1838 Mr. Morris married again to Comfort Lewis who also died, and in 1850 Morris again married Margaret Coleman.

This Mr. Morris died in Lewes 8 November 1858. He was devout Presbyterian.

Elihu Jefferson Morris was educated in public school and at age 16 apprenticed in Philadelphia to a blacksmith for a year, then returned to Georgetown before coming to Lewes where he engaged in the 'wrecking' business, along with blacksmithing. 1877 he came full time devoted to saving ships and their cargoes, in addition to the management of a store he established in 1869. By 1879 Morris had added to the mercantile business, groceries and dry goods to the commodities he had for sale.

He and a son started a large cannery in 1887, in Lewes along the railroad near the Canal, he owned and operated a large truck farm and was considered a successful business man. He also gave valuable service to the community in public office. 1890 he was a member of legislature , town council, school board, and the Board of Trade. He was also connected with the F. & AM and the IOOF.

On August 25, 1853 Elihu Jefferson Morris married Mary A. Rowland, daughter of David and Catherine Rowland of Lewes. Mary was born 18 August 1835. both were Methodist Episcopal Church members, are buried in Bethel Cemetery at Lewes. They had children who are,

William Burton Morris born 21 January 1855, who worked for Adams Express Company in Philadelphia.

Jacob Morris, born 30 June 1856, was a wall paper hanger in Lewes.

Catherine Morris, born July 1, 1858, married M. Q. Short of Lewes.

Lillie Morris, born 22 April 1860, married Ernest Mandex of Wilmington.

Charles Schellinger Morris, born 8 November 18 1861, was a Delaware River pilot. He received a education at a private school and at age 15 went aboard a ship to learn piloting. He was a democrat and member of F & AM, the AOUW and IOH . 22 December 1887 he married Laura M. Jones of Philadelphia, both were Methodist episcopal Church members, and had one child, Marha Levering Morris.

Edgar C Morris, born 27 February . Was a locomotive engineer on the D. M. & V. Railroad.
Edgar died 1930 in Virginia

Elizabeth Morris, born 5 July, 1866. Married John B.Robinson of Lewes.

J. Ponder Morris, born 21 November, 1870, who died 18 August 1896. He was their eighth child.

The source of this abstract by Harrison Howeth 2017 is Biographical & Genealogical History of the State of Delaware & February 19, 1908 Philadelphia Inquirer, Sussex Snapshots.

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