Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lewes Revolutionary War Capt. Waples


Accomack County, Virginia, September 3 1834:

Captain Samuel Waples, a native of Sussex County, Delaware, a son of Paul Waples and
his wife Temperance Derrickson Waples of Sussex County Delaware, died at his home in Accomack county, Virginia, on the 11th of August, 1834. Captain Waples was 84 year of age.

He joined the army of The United States in the Revolutionary War, as a Lieutenant in the
9th Virginia Regiment, and marched from Accomack with his regiment in the late part of the year
1776. He was a veteran of Brandywine and Germantown battles, in the latter he was taken prisoner,
and confined in a Philadelphia jail. He effected his escape by posing as a Quaker, found in Philadelphia the boarding house he once was a member of as an apprentice , run by widow Jones, and with her help, made the camp of the American Army at Valley Forge , and served to the end of the war as a recruiter with character as a gentleman, a brave officer, and firm patriot .

He then settled in the county of Accomack where he married to Anne Custis, the 12th of February, 1778 and raised a family of six children, losing a daughter, the last born, at birth. Anne Custis was a daughter of Thomas and his wife, Cassandra Elizabeth Wise Custis, of Accomack County Virginia.

Abstract July 2017, Harrison H, from the September 3 1834, New York American newspaper.

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