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The Spectator, New York, New York, 12 August 1833 :

The U. S. Ship Delaware, of 74 guns, Captain Ballard, was towed from the offering on Saturday
by steamer tugs Rufus King and Hercules and anchored in the North River at a quarter past one

Sailors on the U. S. Frigate St. Louis, in uniform, welcomed her arrival with three musical cheers,
which were returned by the tars on board the Delaware.

Soon after anchoring a salute was fired from the deck of the noble Delaware and hundreds of well
wishers assembled on the Battery and the Castle Garden were pleased by this exhibition.

All that has been heretofore said about the difficulty of heavy ships of war entering this port , and
the want of a sufficient depth of water on the outer bar, prove to be fictitious as we point out below.

The Delaware drawing 25 feet and 8 inches of water, came over the bar on Saturday when the tide was at one third of elevation , and when there was a heavy sea swell.

The ship log was constantly thrown and the shoalest part of the bar at this tide was 29 feet of water
leaving more than four feet of water from the bottom keel to the top of the bar.

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