Friday, August 11, 2017

1926 Henlopen Hotel



1926 - 1928

Thursday afternoon, August 5th, 1926, title of the Henlopen Hotel passed from the
present owner, Mrs. Lucy May Burton, to a company with the head officer being Mr.
William Coyne of Wilmington. Mr. Coyne's company has been interested in erecting a
modern hotel at Rehoboth on a site adjoining the Henlopen Hotel. The purchase price was not
disclosed to the public.

Others present when the transaction was concluded by Mrs. Burton and Mr. Coyne
were C. P. Burton, William Kurtz, Mr. Coyne's attorney, Georgetown lawyers Dan Layton and
Frank Jones. Also Thomas Haydock an architect, E. D. Prince of the hotel company and Ralph
Wingate, Rehoboth realtor, the broker who arranged the sale. It was stipulated the management
of the Henlopen will continue under C. F. Burton for the rest of this season. Also decided was that
it is now time to build a new modern comfort establishment ordinarily sought by vacationist at
any first class resort.

Plans for the new hotel have been completed by Haydock & Young , builders of Philadelphia,
and work is to begin at once on a concrete block structure, which is to be a spanish type structure
of architecture. The interior will be built of gypsum block fireproof materials.

Plans call for 180 sleeping rooms, each with a lavatory with hot and cold running water,
that will have the same rate as present. The dinning room is to be much larger and be located at the ocean front giving guest the benefit of ocean breeze and view of the Atlantic. The main lobby will be toward the rear and elevators will be installed. The entire front will be taken over by sun decks.
A dance floor, three times larger that present will be on the ground floor and have a stage to
accommodate theatricals or conventions. There will be a area to hold colonial relics and items to
remind guest of the Henlopen Lighthouse for which the hotel was named.

It has been announced, by Haydock & Young, that whenever possible, all contract works, building materials, etc., will be let or purchased in Delaware.

William Coyne, who has made the much desired modern hotel for Rehoboth possible,
is a vice-president of I. E. duPont & Nemours and Company and his visits of many years have
made the the new hotel a reality.

The Las Flores Hotel Company which had planned to build a new hotel at Rehoboth will be management and operate the new Henlopen Hotel.

Wilmington Morning News, Saturday, August 7, 1926. Abstract: Harrison H, August 11, 2017

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