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TUESDAY , APRIL 1, 1924.
The Wilmington Evening Journal , April 5, 1924, reported that the milk receiving and cooling station at Nassau is in operation and that an inspection and program was held last Thursday when dairymen and agriculturalist from all sections of lower Delaware where visitor.

Thomas R. Ingram of Sussex Trust Company eas chairman of this affair. Brinser's Band of Lewes was resent and furnished music during the afternoon and evening.

The new plant was in operation Tuesday, April 1, and diarymen of the Nassau community
were paid $2.85 per hundred pounds at the plant. The secretary of the Interstate Milk Producers
Association , C. I. Cohee, spoke about the necessary requirements expected of the diary farmers
to produce high grade milk for the Nassau plant. He congratulated Sussex County Ag Agent
Molloy Vaughn and his committee who had aroused the farmers to establish the cooling plant.

The diary farmers are reqired to have their milk at the plant before 9 in the morning so it
can be be cooled peior to rail shipment to Philadelphia in the afternoon.

Dean McCue, University of Delaware School of Agricculture , also was a speaker and he
emphasized the fact that eastern Sussex was suitable for milk production and that he Nassau Station would be a siccess. Other speakers were H. D. Davis of the Supples – Willis Diary Company of Philadelphia, Molloy Vaughn and Hiram Burton of Lewes.

Some 700 persons enjoyed the visit and feed cafeteria style , free ice cream supplied by the
Supplee - Willis people of Philadelphia and the owners of the Nassau plant.

The Nassau Station is one of the most modern in Maryland and Delaware, the only grade A
receiving plant on the Delmarva Peninsula and cost $25,000. Milk is furnished from more than
four hundred thoroughbred cows.

Samuel Wallace of Philadelphia is manager of the Nassau plant of the Supplee – Willis Company. Also present at the affair were Dell Henderson Supplee -Willis superintendent and Dr.
R.C. Dayton, representative of Grade A.

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