Wednesday, August 9, 2017


JULY 14 1925

Simpson & Brown, contractors constructing a new terminal at Pennsville, New Jersey
and the slip at Delaware Street wharf in New Castle, for the Pennsville-New Castle ferry is now
installing cribbing for the concrete of the slip and will pour the concrete tomorrow.

The 70 foot long steel slip for the Pennsville terminal under construction at New York
Shipbuilding Company in  Camden,  New Jersey,   will be finished in a day or two, and will be brought to the terminal by barge in a matter of days.

The slip for the Delaware Street wharf terminal, also constructed at the same firm, will be
brought in section and assembled at the wharf.

Contractors have guaranteed that the ferry will be ready for operation by the first of August.

The two ferry boats recently purchased are to arrive within a few days. Business men are looking forward to the increase in new business.

A ferry was operated across the river here a hundred years ago.

Reported by the Wilmington Evening Journal, Saturday , April 5, 1924.

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