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When William Watson was governor of Delaware, 46 years ago, a baby who was named William Thorp Watson came to brighten the home of governor William Watsons son, Bethune Watson.
There was no reason to distinguish this baby from scores of other youngsters and as then governor William Watson gazed upon him little did he imagine that in 46 years this tiny infant would occupy
the high office of governor.

But whether he imagined it or not the erstwhile baby is now the chief executive of the state
of Delaware.

William Thorp Watson , the new governor of Delaware, was speaker of the senate of the state
when death removed Governor Joshua P. Marvil. Most states have a Lieutenant Governor to
succeed when a governor dies, but not Delaware, and the speaker of the senate becomes the chief

At the last election the Republicans of Delaware elected their candidate but his death places
a Democrat in the gubernatorial chair.

New Governor Watson was born in Milford June 22, 1849 and his grandfather William
Watson, was governor of Delaware two years before and four years after he was born.

He was educated at Washington college in Chestertown , Maryland and at the conclusion of his school days returned to Milford. He resided in Philadelphia a number of years, and in 1885 was
elected to the general assembly but did not take the seat owing to the fact that he was not eligible to the office under the state laws.

In 1892 he was elected to the state senate and chosen speaker at the beginning of the present
session of Legislature where he displayed a marked talent as a presiding officer.

He is very literary in his tastes and his home in Milford contains what is probably one of the
largest private libraries in Delaware.

SOURCE: Trenton New Jersey, Trenton Evening Times, Thursday April 18, 1895.

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