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New Bedford Mercury, New Bedford, Massachusetts, August 26, 1842

The Peach Orchards of Delaware are realizing a large crop this year and Major Raybold of

Philadelphia and New York, who owns one, has contracted to deliver 10,000 baskets to New York, at
a three peck bushel.

$2.50 a basket, has already delivered a 1000 baskets.

Jacob Ridgeway of Philadelphia, has an 300 acre orchard on the Delaware River below

Delaware City. In 1839 he gathered from his orchard 18,000 bushels of first rate fruit from 170 acres

of which 50 acres were in full bearing. His system is to ' thin out ' the fruit in early season and allow

the remaining crop to reach a larger size and are more delicious, therefore his preaches are the best of

the market and bring from $4.50 to $6.00

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